Systematic Literature Reviews

Systematic literature reviews are the building blocks of conducting research. They aim to establish what we know and what we do not know in a research domain following a methodology that is transparent and reproducible. There are many great examples of systematic literature reviews. You can find the links to some of my favourite systematic literature review papers below:

Methods for mitigating disruptions in complex supply chain structures: a systematic literature review

Review Questions

  1. How has research on managing risks for mitigating or avoiding the impact of disruptions in complex supply networks developed over the years?
  2. How are complex supply networks modelled to facilitate analysing supply chain risks?
  3. Which methods have been proposed to manage and mitigate the impact of disruptions in complex supply networks?

Search strings:

Search strings in three domains: 1) supply chain, 2) network structure, risk

Notable figure:

Interrelations of fields with research potential

This paper has a Table 1, synthesising earlier systematic literature reviews on supply chain management and risk management, which could be a good start for researchers.

Connecting additive manufacturing to circular economy implementation strategies: Links, contingencies and causal loops

Review questions:

  1. What are the recent developments, current gaps and future research perspectives of the Additive Manufacturing and Circular Economy interface?
  2. How can the role of Additive Manufacturing in Circular Economy be conceptualised?

Search strings:

  • Additive Manufacturing: ‘3D print*’, ‘additive manufactur*’, ‘rapid manufactur*’ and ‘rapid prototyp*’.
  • Circular Economy: ‘circular econ*’, ‘sustainab*’, ‘closed loop’, ‘revers*’, ‘theor*’, ‘refus*’, ‘recycl*’, ‘refurbish*’, ‘reus*’, ‘remanufactur*’, ‘reduc*’, ‘repurpos*’, ‘redesign*’, ‘repair*’, ‘resell*’, ‘rethink*’, ‘recover*’, ‘remin*’, ‘industrial symbiosis’ and ‘industrial ecolog*’.

Notable figure:

Causal loop diagram for additive manufacturing decisions
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