Planning the dissemination of work

We are usually focused on producing peer-reviewed publications out of the research we do. However, there should be more than peer-reviewed publications to increase the benefits from years of work. This should be something not to contemplate at the end of a research project, but to plan ahead even at the inception phase of the research idea and as part of the research proposal.

For example, with SAFE-Q, we have bi-weekly blog posts. We report about our progress on a regular basis and this also provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon the passing time and how much we have advanced on our activities. It also gives anyone who comes across the project to have a better idea of its current status and future plans. Receiving comments and questions is another benefit that helps connect with the potential beneficiaries of the research outcomes. Although it might appear too much to commit at the beginning, upon reflection, having a regular record of outcomes, activities, and ideas contributes to deeper thinking on the subject.

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